In the News Again, Makes BBB List of Worst Rated Companies

January 22, 2009 · 4 comments

WSOC-TV in Charlotte reports today that the Charlotte BBB has released its Dirty Dozen List of Worst Rated Businesses, and among those on the list is
An excerpt from the BBB’s comments on NetWinner: “In May, 2008, citing financial hardship, the company changed the prize structure to eliminate guaranteed cash awards. The gamers cried foul and Netwinner accused the gamers of fraud. Netwinner has 45 unanswered complaints in 2008 and 237 total complaints in the last 36 months. BBB grade: F”
Netwinner made the Dirty Dozen List on the basis of itheir unanswered complaints alone, which I agree is one good measure of a company’s integrity (or lack thereof). However, I think the BBB erred in not taking into account those complaints a company answered but not to the customer’s satisfaction. You can train a chimp to hit the Respond key and type in a gibberish reply, but if the reply doesn’t address the customer’s complaint, should that response even count?
What’s appalling to me is that here it is, 2009, and there still are apparently no consumer protection laws in place to prohibit a company from retroactively devaluing its points. I can assure you, if my husband’s boss decided to retroactively devalue his paycheck, somebody’s head would roll. However, remains in business and continues to operate and, as well as a community forum on Ning. Obviously the company’s “financial hardship” was overcome by writing off all of its member/creditors last May.
Please let this serve as a warning to people considering joining any of these websites: this is the kind of company you’d be getting involved with. They have an “F” BBB rating and a track record of screwing their members. They’ll promise you great prizes, but if their finances get tight, they won’t pay you. Folks, there are way too many other reputable websites out there. Run away. Fast.

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Brenda January 22, 2009 at 1:06 pm

Would you believe there are still people who don’t know how crooked Netwinner is? I was on a forum a month ago, and they were running ads for Netwinner!! I told the person running the forum, and they acted like they didn’t know anything about it.


Nicci February 10, 2009 at 10:42 pm

I just posted a copy of your well put together update on my own forum. Thanks for keeping everyone updated Becky. Come and get it in even more places now Google! :D


Robert February 14, 2009 at 9:36 am

Dear Becky.You honestly do outstanding research that enables us the necessary insights that we do appreciate.Its very unfortunate that “Netwinner” allowed their site the negative reports that see no ending.I have tried forever to find something similar on the web with very little luck.Can you allow me any directions on that end of things ? Do keep up the great work..Truly..Rob


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