Updated: BoomerTowne.com Sues Ad Agency, Says Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel

November 9, 2008 · 0 comments

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11/10: A source forwarded me a copy of the lawsuit and I’ve uploaded it for your reading pleasure here. Concierge Web, LLC (BT’s corporate name) says they paid Laughlin (their ad agency) $5.8 million+ over 2 years for a “basically worthless” website that brought in under $300,000 in revenue, when Laughlin estimated they’d have made $36 million. Concierge (BT) is suing Laughin for deceptive advertising, fraud, misrepresentation, breach of contract, negligence, and breach of fiduciary duty. They want a jury trial and are asking for compensatory and punitive damages plus legal expenses. The suit was filed 3 days after BoomerTowne.com shut down.
Web site’s demise leaves people without payments” is the title of an article today on the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel‘s website. I spoke with their investigative reporter Ellen Gabler about BoomerTowne.com just over a week ago as she began researching the events that led to Herschel Peddicord‘s web venture going bust. She says that Peddicord, who initially blamed personal illness, “cheaters” and the economy in his email to me here, is now blaming Laughlin/Constable, the ad agency he hired to create the website. (Next to be blamed: delayed-onset angst over the cancellation of Gunsmoke in 1975, “I forgot where the office was,” and the war in Iraq.)
An interesting read if you have an interest in the case — unfortunately the actual case filings are not available online, according to Ms. Gabler.
If you’re interested in reading my prior posts about BoomerTowne, a list of them is here.

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