SwagBucks Announces New Mega Swagbucks

October 29, 2008 · 2 comments

I first reviewed the Swagbucks.com (aff) search and win website back in March — you perform a search on their search engine and if you’re the person to search at, or soonest after, a pre-specified win time, you will be awarded between one and five Swagbucks. Cashout costs have changed somewhat since then but a $5 Amazon GC has been consistently 45 Swagbucks for a while, to give you an idea of the price of rewards.
Every day I win at least once within my first 10 searches. I don’t put in random junk; I use the search engine to make legitimate searches for things I would’ve looked for anyway. When you win, you’ll see something like this:
Your regular search results will be below and you can continue searching as you’d like. I rarely win more than once in a day. According to the latest winners list displayed on the search results page, on average someone wins at least once a minute, generally twice. And this is pretty cool, too: if you refer a friend and they win, you win the same amount.
I’ve cashed out only for emailed $5 Amazon GCs or $10 Barnes and Noble GCs, or snail-mailed $5 Starbucks GCs. The emailed ones arrive the next day after requesting them; the snail-mailed ones within a week. I’ve cashed out for (and received) a total of $365 in GCs since I joined in March (thanks to my friends who’ve joined and searched and won with me).
Anyway — today I noticed that Swagbucks is offering something new, called Mega Swagbucks. In addition to the regular denominations of 1 to 5 SB, they’re now offering the chance to win 10, 20, 50, and 100 SB at a time! With about 50 being a $5 GC, and about 100 being a $10 GC, that would be a nice instant win! With the holidays approaching, Swagbucks is an easy (and fast!) way to supplement your probably-tighter holiday budget this year.
Please join and win with me here!

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Josh November 1, 2008 at 10:54 am

Anyone won any Mega bucks, I’m lucky to win 1 mega buck a day.


Minisquaddle November 30, 2008 at 7:34 am

I just won 10, and my referral won 10 yesterday, and 20 the week before that, so I’ve gotten 40 from that, and I have 150 Swagbucks after being a member for a total of 13 days!!!


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