Toys’R'Us Launches Rewards Program, Rewards’R'Us

October 15, 2008 · 0 comments

Well, what ELSE would they name it? ;)
In a press release today, ToysRUs announced it was launching a free rewards program for its customers called RewardsRUs. Here’s the low-down:
The program is open to: US residents age 13 or older
How to join: You can sign up online or in-store
How to earn: You’ll earn when you present your membership card at checkout (or you can enter information from a store receipt into the website to get credit if you didn’t have your card). $150 in purchases through 12/24/08 = 5 “R”Us Dollars. This excludes purchases of gift cards and Pampers Value Boxes. There is a separate benefit for members related to Pampers Value Boxes: Buy 9 within 12 months and get 1 free.
How to redeem: Your “R”Us Dollars are mailed to you automatically each time your total spending tops $150 (with those two exclusions above). The $5 “R”Us certificate must be spent on a purchase of $5 of more before tax. Certificates must be spent by 1/31/09. I’d assume some new promotion would replace this one at that point.
My take: It’s not stunning, but it is free. Spending $150 to get $5 is like a 3.3% rebate. If you were going to shop at TRU anyway, you might as well take advantage of it. This is the second major retailer (the first being JCPenney) that has rolled out a non-credit-card-tied loyalty program in the last couple of months. It’s something I think is long overdue. You want to reward all of your customers for their loyalty (and study their shopping patterns to provide better marketing), not just those who use your store’s credit card.
I think we’ll see more of this type of program in 2009.

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