Not Looking Good for PrimaRewards

March 14, 2003

PrimaRewards continues to have technical problems and it has been about a month since any official word from the owner. Support requests have gone unanswered, points are not totalling (although they do show up in the transaction history), there is no management presence in the forums, and their long-time technical ops person and forum co-moderator Bret Gallagher confirmed to me in a private message that he is no longer employed by the company.

Implications? This is never a positive sign for a rewards program, especially a smaller one (remember what happened with DisneyAwards when the owner had “personal problems” and left her site unattended for a little while — she ended up on the gptboycott list and had to take her site private). If you enjoy visiting the sites daily, I urge you to continue. However, if you were planning to make a purchase or signup to a trial offer for points, I’d suggest you go through another rewards program for the time being. Until we get some sort of word from Prima’s management, we can only operate under the assumption that the site is just running on autopilot, and its future is a huge questionmark.

I’d also like to make a personal request that if you enjoy this site, please bookmark it (CTRL-D) so it will appear in your Favorites list and you won’t lose it altogether. Most of my daily hits are coming through Prima’s Site Visit option, and if that option goes away, I hope that you’ll continue to drop by and read the latest news and stats on the various rewards programs.

In the meantime…we continue to watch and wait…and hope that Prima’s staff (whatever’s left of it) gets its stuff together before completely ticking off all present members and creating such a bad reputation that new folks will stay away.

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