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August 3, 2008

I like to shop…a lot. (Too much, my husband would say, but he’s a stingy curmudgeon and, well, I guess it’s true that opposites attract.) Anyway, my point: I’m excited to announce that my services have been retained by QuickRewards.net to create and develop a new shopping blog for their rewards program.
The blog will feature deals, coupons, members-only contests, and some other things about which I’ve been sworn to secrecy…but you can see it in action, in its embryonic form, here: http://shopblog.quickrewards.net, or if it’s easier to remember, it’s also located at http://www.qrdeals.com.
In discussing this with friends and family, the question was posed, “Does it create an ethical conflict of interest to contract your services out to one rewards program while you blog about the industry?” My response is that it happens all the time. That’s what consulting companies do. QR is placing incredible faith in me by agreeing to be my first client. They’re giving me access to all of their internal processes, sales figures, etc., on the basis of my reputation as someone of integrity who will keep this information absolutely confidential.
Further, this situation is unique only to the extent that I’m being compensated. I have consulted with MANY rewards programs over the years for free, something that my friends and family have long questioned. “Why spend an hour of your time to analyze a new rewards program then compose a long email to the owners full of suggestions for improvement? They’re getting valuable insight from a veteran industry analyst and user for free, lining their pockets while you …well, aren’t?” The answer was simple: I had and continue to have a passion for the concept of online shopping rewards programs.
So, how will this affect CompareRewards.com, you’re asking yourself. I want to be perfectly clear with everyone that I am now in a working relationship with QuickRewards.net. This will not impact my reporting of the latest news, but it may create somewhat of a bias toward them in my commentary. You, my readers, should take that into account. I always try to provide facts, then I trail off into my opinion of the events. While everyone would like to think of themselves as unbiased, nobody really is. I’ve always been a fan of QuickRewards, and I’m sure that’s been obvious in my posts. I’ve also been a fan (and remain a fan) of other sites like Ebates. I’m getting more keen on MrRebates, and less on Microsoft Live Search. I try to explain in my posts why I feel one way or another, and I’ll continue to do that. Given the facts, you can make your own decisions about which rewards programs to use or to avoid. You’re intelligent folks.
QR is not requiring me to sign any kind of agreement prohibiting me from discussing and even promoting other rewards programs. They have THAT kind of confidence in the service they offer. They know that other, bigger sites can do some things better…but that sometimes there are also advantages to being the little guy. There used to be a car dealership here in town that ran an ad that said something like, “We’re not number one…that’s why we try harder.” QuickRewards is just like that.
I’m open to other part-time consulting work if you have a specific project in mind; just send me an email.
The annual shopping comparison chart WILL be released again this year, my fifth year to do it, in October. Get your requests in now for consideration for inclusion if you’re a rewards program; if you’re a shopper and your favorite store wasn’t in the chart last year, please let me know and I’ll add it this year. I think the .pdf format was pretty well-received last year and I’ll try to do it again this year.
If you have any questions or concerns, please send me an email and I’d be happy to discuss them with you. I appreciate your taking the time to read this, and I thank you for your continued support of CompareRewards! If you get a chance, please check out the QuickRewards.net Shopping Blog!

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