Microsoft Announces Plans for Live Search and Cashback

July 25, 2008 · 0 comments

There was an annual meeting yesterday between Microsoft and its stock analysts in which the company announced a few upcoming initiatives to push its Live Search program (now integrated with Cashback, formerly the cashback part of
In this meeting, it was announced that Facebook was going to incorporate Live Search into its site by the end of 2008. The AP article on the meeting, “Microsoft defends search investments to analysts,” said that, “Microsoft…will provide search ads alongside results.” MS didn’t elaborate on how this was going to look exactly, but you’d have to assume they’ll include Cashback ads.
The article goes on to say that Microsoft is going to be the default search engine on new HP computers starting in January. This part of the article concerns me, however: “The PC maker will also install a special Web browser toolbar, demonstrated Thursday, that can tell when Web shoppers are searching on Google for certain products, then lure them to Live Search for a rebate.”
I’ve made no secret of the fact that I detest these shopping reminder toolbars. I don’t trust them. I don’t know what info about me that they’re feeding to their makers, and I don’t want anything interfering with my ability to get rebates from the rewards program of MY choice. I think this toolbar is going to create serious problems for those who install it, unless they intend to exclusively use Microsoft Live Search Cashback. I think affiliates of all types (including coupon code sites, competing rewards programs, and other advertisers) are going to be livid at this decision to preinstall MS’s toolbar as it will potentially interfere with their income.

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