Holy Cow…Memolink’s Paying More!

March 11, 2003 · 0 comments

Update: This was incorrect; my apologies. The way Memolink’s site visits work is, if you don’t click them one day, they roll over to the next. Usually 2 or 3 are added each day. So if you don’t check the site every day, when you do log in, you’ll find a lot waiting for you. You probably don’t wanna participate in this site anyway…see why here.
I was reviewing the numbers I posted in late January on which rewards programs pay the most free (non-spending points) and found that while one program dropped somewhat (PointPool has fewer daily site visits), another program has increased if not the number of points, but their value almost by double!
Memolink is now offering about 16 free points a day between the site visits and trivia. In addition, they’ve got at least one $25 gift certificate (I calculate dollar value of a point based on $25 redemptions) for a cheap 3975 points — that’s Tower Records. While the costs of most GCs have remained the same, they’ve added many more options for redemption recently.
This keeps Memolink at #3 on my list of rewards programs offering free points but it’s running a close second (sometimes beating) Netflip, and not terribly behind #1, Milesource. Now, if only Memolink would send their redemptions out in a timely manner…….

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