Microsoft Live Cashback Rewards For Ebay

June 14, 2008 · 0 comments

I read an article on Mashable about how Microsoft Live Cashback (formerly the cashback shopping side of is now rewarding for Ebay BIN purchases. Pretty cool, I thought. So I went to try it out myself.
Ebay doesn’t appear in the master list of merchants on Live Cashback, I found. But if you do a Microsoft Live search for something and an Ebay result comes up, it will tell you how much cash back you can expect to receive on that item.
Example. I’ve been considering buying a nifty gadget called a Negative Scanner (it scans in film negatives so you can digitize the pics on them). I did a Live Search for “negative scanner” and the results had an Ebay product listing that said I could get 25% cashback if I paid with PayPal.
I chose an item ($99.99 plus shipping), clicked to Buy It Now, and on the confirmation page, sure enough, it said, “Microsoft Cashback 25%, US $24.99. Pay with PayPal, claim your cashback with Microsoft, and get it in 60 days.” How awesome is that?
Not all Ebay purchases qualify for 25% cash back. In Mashable’s example, they don’t say what they searched for, but they were offered 10% cash back. I did a search for Xbox 360 Rock Band and it offered me 2%. So the amount is going to depend on the particular item (or maybe the category). I also found these Terms and Conditions for the Live Search Cashback on Ebay. It’s important to note that the cashback only applies to the first purchase made after clicking through from Live Search results.
In any event, the rewards for Ebay BIN purchases is just another positive selling point for the already-great Program Formerly Known As Jellyfish Cashback.

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