New NetWinner Forum — Alternative to

May 21, 2008

Banned from NetWinner Central, the official forum of NetWinner, for speaking your mind about the changes? Or maybe you’re just irritated that you can’t post freely there without fear of repercussions?
A new NetWinner forum has been set up to help keep members and former members of NetWinner in touch — for commiserating with others who lost money, for discussing options, and just for fun, games, and camaraderie.
Here’s the link:
Note: AOL members, please use an alternate browser such as IE; there are compatibility problems with AOL’s browser. If you’re having trouble creating an account, or if you had one and it’s suddenly become disabled, please email support for the Open Forum here.
And if you’re just joining us, be sure to visit this master list of resources for assistance on who to contact about what happened at NetWinner.

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