Microsoft to Rebrand Jellyfish as Live Search Cash Back; 24 Hour Smack on Thursday

May 20, 2008 · 0 comments

SearchEngineWatch is reporting that Microsoft will make an announcement tomorrow of the official launch of Microsoft Live Search Cash Back, their re-branding of the Jellyfish cashback shopping site.
The switchover already started today, which I can attest to by virtue of receiving an account update email today from Live Search Cashback (versus
Smack Shopping, the reverse auction side of, is still up and running. If you’re not familiar with the way it works, an item is put up for sale at a set price that includes tax and shipping, and as the seconds tick away, the price drops until the item is bought. Smack Shopping always has an item up for sale, but during live events hosted by Jellyfish staff, the quantity of an item may be (and usually is) more than 1. You never know until the item sells out, though, so it amounts to a game of chicken: buy it now, or hold off and hope there’s more than one for sale so the price will drop lower.
On Thursday, there will be a 24 Hour Smack Attack starting at midnight central time. I would assume this would mean it’s a hosted show with possibly more than one of each item up for sale. And as always, you can chat with other members while you watch the price drop!
Go straight here for the Smack Reverse auction, or if you haven’t created an account on Smack Shopping yet, you’ll want to go here first.

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