Another Anti-NetWinner Video Maker Interviewed

May 19, 2008

Since its inception, used YouTube videos as a tool to advertise their program to potential new members. Now that medium is being used against them, as members who were shafted by the program’s May 12th decision to simply NOT PAY WHAT THEY OWED are creating their own videos, and they paint a far less rosy picture of the program.
Yesterday, another irate NetWinner member posted a video. “NetWinner: Know More,” to the tune of Three Dog Night’s “Liar,” explains poster pkb143‘s personal experience with NW. A former NetWinner VIP member, pkb143 is owed $200 by the site. “You play NetWinner…they’ll play you!” her video says.

I contacted pkb143 for an interview about her video and she most graciously agreed.
Thank you for taking the time to talk with me. Should I call you pkb143 or do you want to share your first name?
My first name is Patty.
Is this the first video you’ve ever made?
No, actually the first one was one I made for a Netwinner Addict video contest!
I would ask why you decided to make this video, but it’s pretty clear — you are very steamed about this program and how it treated you and others. Tell me about your experience as a NetWinner member: Were you a member for a long time? Did you play the games a lot? Did they ever pay you?
I became a member of Netwinner in September 2006 and yes, I played their games a lot (my husband would say, “obsessively”). They paid me four times for point redemptions and a cash prize. The last prize I won in October 2007, and I waited 5 1/2 months for that.
The signs were there as far back as last fall that NetWinner was getting behind in payments. Did you think, back then, that the site would ever just…REFUSE…to pay their members? Why did you continue playing?
No, I had absolute faith in Netwinner (as many loyal/”VIP” members did) and as I commented above, I knew they were really behind in fulfillment — my last prize took 5 1/2 months, but I got it. Knowing they had paid me and others before, although very late, and hearing constant reassurances on the forum from the administrator and mods that we would be paid kept me playing. Plus, I enjoyed the interaction, socializing and contests on the forum, too. I made many friends there over the almost 2 years I played.
Your video takes direct aim at NetWinner’s paid forum moderator, mjp65, by quoting him just 3.5 weeks before the site canceled all cashouts as saying, “Netwinner pays all members,” and by asking viewers to be the judge of whether he was a “liar.” Do you think NetWinner’s moderators and staff knew this was coming?
I’m still debating that one, really. mjp65 (Mike) often stated that Netwinner was the best place to play on the net, “bar none”; also that everyone would receive their prizes. I hope his superiors kept him better informed than he says he was – but who knows? At any rate, he represented the company to us. I don’t really think the mods knew, maybe one or two did…I’m just not sure.
What do you think of the program’s claims that the decision to cancel cashouts was a result of fraud and/or the economy? What do you think the company should have done?
There was undoubtedly fraud….game sites should expect that in general, I would think, especially if the prizes are lucrative, but 40% of your players? That’s hard for me to imagine. Whatever the number is, Netwinner made a commitment to its players, many of us the same people who helped them become the popular site they were. Then when they should have honored their commitments, they took us, chewed us up and spit us out, without a second thought, so that (in my opinion) they could balance the books.
What would you say to people considering joining NetWinner, or to websites considering partnering with the program?
Although I enthusiastically recruited new members for Netwinner in the past, I certainly can’t now, and can’t support someone who decides to join on their own. Look how they treated their longtime loyal players! Have you seen any evidence that their SOP has changed; can you trust them now? I can’t support any Netwinner partners now, either; if they don’t care what their “partner” did to their players then they don’t deserve my support.
Thanks for talking with us, Patty! I hope you’re able to recover the funds NetWinner owes you.
I’m not counting on getting that $200, but since Netwinner got the benefit of my prior video via the “addict contest,” I made the new video to set the record straight now.
Thank you, Becky, for giving us a voice! I wish I would have believed you the first time you predicted things weren’t right in NetwinnerLand!

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