Interview With Maker of Anti-NetWinner Video

May 16, 2008

As you know, on Monday, NetWinner decreed that it would cancel all outstanding redemptions for gift cards and Ecount debit Mastercards and simply return the points (doubled) to their members’ accounts for use as entries into prize drawings. Many members have since posted their dismay at this turn of events, as evidenced in the nearly 1500 comments combined between my original post on Monday and the follow-up on Tuesday.
Many NetWinner members have found their way to this site in their search for avenues of recourse against NetWinner. I’ve put together a one-page blog that contains a list of over a dozen things NetWinner players can do to try to recover their winnings, report possible illegalities, or at the very least tell others about their experiences so that potential new NW members are adequately informed of the site’s history.
One very creative young lady came up with another way to tell the public about NetWinner — YouTube. Using the member name disneydisasters, the daughter and granddaughter of avid NetWinner players whose cashouts were canceled created a YouTube video response to the last NetWinner Spin Report (the PR videos created by NetWinner starring Chad and (swoon) Anthony). In her video, disneydisasters cries, saying, “Thanks a lot, NetWinner! I won’t be getting a birthday present ’cause of you, and thousands of kids will not be getting Christmas presents because of you! It’s not fair!”

She goes on to say that her grandmother played NetWinner’s games for hours and it was unfair, even evil, for the company to rip off innocent little old ladies. The video concludes with a montage of other people and images that remind her of NetWinner, including Hitler, Benedict Arnold, and dog poop. (I laughed out loud at that one.)
I was able to contact the poster of the video, Jocelyn (aka disneydisasters), through her mother, who has been following my site’s coverage of the NetWinner debacle, and she gave me this exclusive interview.
Hi, Jocelyn! Thanks for talking with us today. Your video has created quite a buzz! I want to hear all about your story. First, how old are you?
I’m 13 years old.
How long have you been making videos?
I have been experimenting with videos for about a year.
Who else helped you make this particular video?
It was just me and my sister, Kaylee.
Did you script out what you were going to say beforehand or was this completely ad-libbed?
I kind of went with the flow and ad-libbed. I didn’t write a script.
What made you decide to make this video?
I saw my mom and my grandmother getting frustrated over not receiving their money, so i decided to tell Netwinner how I felt. My mom was going to give me her winnings to go shopping with for my birthday.
What did your mom and grandmother think about your video?
My grandmother thought it was hilarious but, my mom was not so sure at first.
What do you hope to accomplish by putting the video up on YouTube?
I want to let people know about Netwinner and how they are scamming people. It’s just not right for them to do that after people spent so much time on the Netwinner site.
NetWinner has threatened me with legal action quite recently for my reporting on the company. Are you concerned that they might try to come after you? I mean, comparing NetWinner to Hitler was kind of bold!
Are you serious, they want to come after you because you spoke the truth? I’m not concerned about it because if they can’t afford to pay the players then they can’t afford to get a lawyer. I don’t think comparing Netwinner to Hitler was bold at all because there are so many worse things I can compare them to.
Do you plan to make any future videos about NetWinner — maybe with your grandma as the star?
This was kind of fun. If they can keep coming out with videos on how good they are, I can keep coming out with videos on how bad they are.
Last question: What would you say to someone considering joining NetWinner as a member or partnering with them as an advertiser?
I would say don’t waste your time. My mom plays on other sites that pay her. Netwinner is just internet fraud.
Those are all the questions I have for you — thanks so much for the interview and I love your video!
Thank you!

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