Ebay Piloting New Rewards Program: eBay Bucks

May 9, 2008 · 3 comments

I read an interesting article today that said that eBay is having a select number of members beta-test a new rewards program called eBay Bucks. It rewards shoppers based on the total dollar amount spent on qualifying purchases paid for by PayPal during the period of May 15 through August 14th. At the end of the period, members will receive eBay Bucks. The FAQ on the program is here.
Right now the membership is closed to new members while they iron out the kinks with their pilot group, but you can get in line for an invitation to join here.
This is not eBay’s first attempt at a rewards program. In May 2003, eBay launched a rewards program called Anything Points. Here‘s a link to an interesting article about it in CIO Insight. It allowed members to trade in airline miles, through Points.com, for eBay credit when paying by PayPal. In June 2004, they partnered with MetaReward to provide more opportunities to earn points. As I reported in July 2005, eBay announced that they were discontinuing the program in the U.S., giving members until August 2006 to redeem their points. The Canadian program was kept in place.
What happened to Anything Points? Their official explanation: “The decision to discontinue the eBay Anything Points program was made after receiving input from U.S. members and assessing the benefit to the U.S. Community. We believe the decision to discontinue this program will allow us to channel our resources into other areas that will better serve the U.S. Community.”
I’d interpret that to mean that the cost outweighed the benefit. The program as it was laid out, didn’t serve to reward or encourage the use of eBay, it was just another rewards program. Hopefully the new program will have more success. I know I’ll use it.

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You'reGoingDownNetwinnerAndNotInAGoodWay May 14, 2008 at 5:16 am

Hi Becky,
I was asked to join the pilot program for Ebay rebates. I guess I spend too much there and they noticed, LOL. In any event, I’ll let you know how the experience goes for me here once the program gets going. I’ll also give updates as I progress through the program and let you know how redemption goes.
One big thing of note for others who are in the pilot program:
At the end of the rebate accrual period, you’ll be required to use all of your points within one month on a single transaction. Any rebate amount left over after that transaction will be forfeited.
In other words, you’ll need to use all of your rebates on one purchase. Another excuse for me to buy a big ticket item I’d normally think longer and harder about, LOL.
Thanks and love the site Becky! :)


You'reGoingDownNetwinnerAndNotInAGoodWay May 28, 2008 at 3:01 am

I bought something through ebay and checked out how my purchase worked with the reward program for the first time tonight. It couldn’t be easier. I logged in to ebay, bought a Buy It Now item I’d had my eye on since the program began, checked out and my points showed up in the reward program credit within an hour. So far, so good. :)


You'reGoingDownNetwinnerAndNotInAGoodWay June 23, 2008 at 8:13 pm

From June 20th through June 29th, ebay is offering triple points for purchases on this program. I just picked up some mosaic tile that I’ve had my eye on which will bank a nice (and free) $8.00 into my rebate account. Yeah! =)
I also saved an additional $10 off shipping on the item above using a coupon I received. So combining the pilot rebate program cash back with ebay coupons, I saved an additional $18.00 off of an already great deal on something I was going to buy anyway. I love when this happens. :)
I’ve still got two additional *$10 off shipping and one *10% discount coupon to use before the end of the month, so I’d better get shopping before the triple rebates points deal expires. There is just no excuse not to now, lol.
I loves mee sum ebay!
*Coupons for discount shipping cannot be combined with any other coupon such as the 10% off an item coupon.


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