Master NetFlip Search Word List

March 7, 2003

This is put together from posts on the various forums. No guarantees these will work but they’re something to work from! Remember, Netflip only pays for 10 website visits per day, and you have to wait 3 days between repeats of the same site.

You have to stay at least 20 seconds on the site in order to get credit. More info on Netflip

Various search words that have worked recently:
Acne, Age Spots, Banner, Cable, Cablebox, Carpet, Cat, Descrambler, Diabetic Supplies, Domain, Ebooks, Electronics, Ferrets, Forms, Free, Furniture, Glyderm, Hacking, Home, Legal Forms, Metabolife, Money, Mysql, Neostrata, Network Security, Nivea, Neova, Paint, Pedinol, Pets, Pevonia, PHP, Rental, Rentals, Retinol, Sex, Shampoo, Shop, Shopping, Skin, Skincare, Topix, Traffic, Web Hosting

Note: some words may be related, so you might not get credited for that search for 3 days…

If you have others to add, please leave a comment! Thanks!!

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