Kool-Aid Points Discontinued, Can Still Be Redeemed

April 29, 2008 · 0 comments

Well, as they promised last year, you’ll no longer find those little Kool-Aid Kool Points on their packages anymore: Kraft Foods confirmed with me this morning that they have discontinued their Kool-Aid Points program. You can still cash in your points while supplies last. The prizes are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis.

Update, 5/09: By popular demand, Kool-Aid will allow you to redeem any accumulated points using this form, until June 30, 2010! They also say the 800-367-9225 is still the number to call if you have questions or concerns.

This news makes me sad. I collected points as a kid and cashed them in for, among other things, a really neat Kool-Aid Stand. My dad used it to teach me about supply and demand, “cost of goods sold,” and marketing (I earned lots of dimes that summer)…which sparked an interest in economics that led me to pursue a degree in it and eventually a master’s in business administration. So in a way, I am who I am because of Kool-Aid Points! Oh, yeahhhh! ;)

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