Jellyfish Fans, Take Note: Microsoft Expanding in Madison

April 23, 2008 · 0 comments

Along with many others, I’ve been concerned about how Jellyfish’s buyout by Microsoft would affect the company. There’s a core group of employees at JF that have become like a second family to its members (okay, sometimes they’re the “weird cousin you only see during the holidays,” but still…). Would Microsoft, headquartered in Redmond, Washington, fire the Jellyfish staff in Madison, Wisconsin, or force them to relocate? We’d already lost Smack Daddy — would we lose Jake, Amanda, Jyll, Trixie, Keith, Greg, and the rest of the gang, too?
Fear not, Jellyfish fans — or at least fear LESS: Microsoft announced today that it’s opening the Jim Gray Research Lab in Madison, and will staff it with grad students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The purpose of the group is to do advanced research on databases and database technologies.
Does this affect Jellyfish directly? Probably not, but it does show Microsoft’s committed to maintaining its presence in Madison, and hopefully they’ll continue to keep our favorite Jellyfish staff members around for a long time. With big raises. (Ya listening, Bill Gates?)
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