FusionCash Down

April 21, 2008 · 0 comments

The FusionCash (aff) rewards program has been down since Friday. There’s no word on why or whether this is just a temporary outage. I have an email in to one of the site’s owners and will post an update if I receive one.
**Update, 4/23: Today I was forwarded an email from one of FC’s members (thanks, Megan!) who had gotten an email from FusionCash support on Tuesday. “We are currently working on the issue, it is something to do with the server overloading. We do not know if this was an intentional attack on FusionCash, or simply something that was done due to poor maintenance of the server itself. We are working very hard to get the server back up and running, and we are not going anywhere anytime soon.” I then emailed the same address and just now got this response: “The site appears to be back up and going strong — no idea how long it will last. Sorry for any inconvenience, we had no way of even emailing all our members.” The site is still down for me but it may come up for you. (fingers crossed)
**Update, 4/24: Site’s back up and fully functional. Staff confirms they were down due to a denial of service attack that tied up their servers and left them unable to email members about the problem.

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