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LeverageCard.com is an interesting new program available in Beta right now, where you can register your loyalty programs (travel-related, entertainment-related, and those for miscellaneous merchants), you can register any gift cards you’re holding, and you can answer some demographic and interest questions in return for highly targeted offers. You can also swap GCs you have for other GCs that you want. AND you can earn interest on GCs that you’re holding.
The site is pretty extensive. I was able to register my accounts at Hallmark Crown Rewards and Best Buy RewardZone, as well as a Starbucks GC I received recently for completing a survey. Then I answered the profile questions and went to see what offers I’d be given. The listing was pretty substantial — about 50 offers, and for each one the site tells you WHY you were targeted for that offer.
As an example, one of my offers was a free beanie baby with purchase at Nickelodeon. Click next to the offer and it’ll tell you that I was targeted for the offer because I answered that I had multiple kids. Ah, makes sense.
I was offered $30 off a $150 purchase at Petite Sophisticate because I’m a female between 18 and 65, with traditional style in clothing, petite in stature, and my income was in a certain range.
If you want to give the site a try — it’s FREE — please put my email address, comparerewards@yahoo.com, in the “referrer’s email” field and they’ll give me a buck. And I would appreciate that. :)

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