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Virtual Discount Card Program Review
An account is not required to use this service; visit the site here.
Date Launched: 3/21/2008
Reward Per Dollar Spent: Varies
Minimum to Cash Out: None
Cash Out For: PayPal
Earn For: Shopping (straight cashback rebate site)
Limit One Account Per: Individual 18 years+; international users are welcome.
Users do not have to sign up for an account; simply shop through the site’s links to your desired merchant and provide your PayPal address. The rebate will be paid to the shopper’s PayPal account when the site is credited for the sale. “Payments will typically be received between 45 and 90 days after the transaction is completed.” is run by Andrew Cram, the mastermind behind, a site I’ve linked to for quite a while for his great comparisons of many rewards programs’ shopping rates. When I asked him whatever possessed him to want to get into the exact type of business that he and I both cover, this is what he told me:
“The cashback industry is not operating as a free market place. As I looked at redemption rates vs affiliate commissions through RewardsDB I became aware that not only are the ‘Big Boys’ keeping a large percentage of the commissions for themselves, but they also tend to cluster around a common cashback rate regardless of the affiliate rate. My goals are pretty simple;
*To create a program with a consistently good rate of return for the customer (which is why I pass on 90% of the affiliate payment for all merchants)
*To remove the hassles associated with account based programs.
I wouldn’t have started the program if I didn’t see room to offer customers a higher cashback rate than they are now receiving from the other programs. There are a couple of merchants where VirtualDiscountCard won’t initially offer the highest rate but as we prove ourselves we should be able to negotiate a higher rate etc. Otherwise, we are launching with the highest rates for each merchant, and still operating at a profit. If the ‘Big Boys’ up their rates and offer more than we can then we will bow out having gotten everyone a better deal…
The benefit of our transactional system is that customers aren’t tied down, if someone else offers a better rate they are free to take it since they don’t need a minimum balance from us to get their money.”
My Take:
I’ve seen a list of VirtualDiscountCard’s rates and they are indeed incredible. The program is being run by a guy who knows the shopping rewards business well — as a user and an analyst. I think the site has great potential…IF we remember to use it. Most rewards programs send monthly statements or other email promotions to help build top-of-mind-awareness. Without requiring any type of account signup or downloadable toolbar (not that I advocate those, mind you…I don’t), I think VDC’s real challenge is going to be in reminding online shoppers to go there first.
Great rates, knowledgeable owner, no minimum to cash out…sounds like a winner to me. Bookmark it and remember to start your shopping sessions there!

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James March 30, 2008 at 3:31 pm

Andrew’s a good guy… but this site needs a unique logo!
You can create your own here:


john January 26, 2009 at 9:02 am

Is down? or dead?


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