JackpotRewards.com Announces First One Million Dollar Sweepstakes Winner

March 5, 2008

In a press release today, Jackpot Rewards announced that a lady named Karen Fink had won its first weekly one million dollar sweeps. (Congrats, Karen!) She found the site via BzzAgent (it’s currently one of the Frogs in the BzzAgent Frogpond — BzzAgent’s fancy way of saying it’s a website they’re paid to promote).
She said she had joined Jackpot Rewards for the shopping rebates but thought the sweeps was a side benefit…of course now she thinks it’s the other way around! ;)
Last week there were only 465 people in the $1 million draw (that is, 463 besides me and Karen Fink!). To qualify for the one million sweeps, you have to have two matching numbers in the Monday, Wednesday, or Friday drawing. The press release says that 507 people qualified on Monday…and there will still be drawings on Wednesday and Friday where more will qualify, so clearly the word about the site is spreading.
If you’re a gambler, it might be worth it to you to sign up at least for the first month or two, JUST FOR THE SWEEPS. There aren’t many people in the guaranteed one million dollar draw, and at $3 a week, your odds of winning a million bucks are better here than anywhere else.
However, the sweepstakes is the only thing Jackpot Rewards has going for it, IMHO. As I showed here, the site is NOT worth the $156 annual membership fee for the cash back rebates, when too many other rebate sites do it as well or better and for free. It irks me that the current press release still states that Jackpot Rewards “provides consumers with the most cash back on online purchases.” I call bullsh*t on that. Prove it or drop it, Jackpot.

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