Jackpot Rewards New Program Review

February 25, 2008

JackpotRewards.com ReviewUpdate:  Site closed, August 2013

COST: $3 per week after a free trial, charged to your credit card quarterly

Please click here to join.

Date Launched: 2/20/08
Reward Per Dollar Spent: Varies
Minimum to Cash Out: $20 per quarter, sent automatically (if minimum not met, earnings roll over to next quarter).
Cash Out For: Rebate check
Earn For: Shopping, signups, referrals
Limit One Account Per: Unclear; appears to be U.S. residents 18+. Javascript must be enabled on your computer.

1. Jackpot Rewards says it’s giving back all of its commissions to its members, in return for their payment of the membership fees.
2. The site offers additional features such as free classifieds, sweepstakes (a guaranteed $1 million a week giveaway), and a greatly discounted deal of the day.

My Take:
$156 a year is a steep price to pay for services available for free elsewhere on the internet. From the standpoint of shopping rebates, yes, you can SOMETIMES earn more through Jackpot Rewards than from other rewards programs that aren’t subsidized by membership fees. A full list of merchants and rewards offered is here, so you can compare their rates at a glance with those of other free rewards programs.

I took a look at JackpotRewards’ rates compared to other free shopping rebate sites and the results were mixed. I examined the first 25 merchants from last year’s shopping rebate comparison that Jackpot offers a shopping rebate for, and compared them to the current rates offered by the merchants in the chart. The results were mixed. For 12 of the 25, Jackpot offered a higher rebate. For the remaining 13, you could earn the same or MORE by shopping through a free rewards program. The average across all 25 merchants: you’d earn an extra 0.8% overall by shopping through Jackpot Rewards. Keep in mind that for some merchants you’d earn the same, or less, than you’d earn elsewhere.

Do you shop online enough for that extra 0.8% on average you’d earn from shopping at Jackpot Rewards to earn back the $156 a year in membership fees? If so, then this site’s for you. Doing the math, though, that would require you to spend $19,500 online a year JUST TO BREAK EVEN.

But for the rest of us…no. Not worth it.

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