Highest Cashback Rewards for Valentine’s Flowers 2012

February 8, 2012 · 2 comments

You’re going to order flowers for Valentine’s Day, you might as well earn the most rewards for it, right?

Here it is, the post no one wants you to see:  who offers the most cashback for ordering Valentine’s flowers online!

On 2/9/12, I compared shopping rates for online florists at these top rewards programs (click the program’s name to join the site with my affiliate link; thanks!): Ebates, Extrabux, FatWallet, MrRebates, QuickRewards.net, ShopAtHome, and Upromise.

The quick summary: 

The highest cashback rate for any florist was 20%, for FTD (at Ebates and ShopAtHome) or Teleflora (at Ebates and FatWallet).   ShopAtHome also has 20% today only for 1800Flowers.  Please note that this may not give you the best overall deal, because you’d have to factor in the cost of the products and delivery at each florist, and the value of any available coupon codes.

The details:
If you have a florist preference, here are the florists I compared and the rewards programs with the highest rates for each.

1800Baskets:  10% at ShopAtHome, 9% at Upromise, 8% at Ebates and FatWallet (5% or less elsewhere)

1800Florals:  16% at Extrabux, 12% at MrRebates, 10% at Ebates

1800Flowers (15% off coupon available for non-sale items):  20% at  ShopAtHome (today only, reg. 10%), 15% at MrRebates, 11% at Extrabux, 10% at Upromise

Florist.com:  15% at Upromise, 12% at MrRebates, 10% at Ebates, (8% or less elsewhere)

Flowers Fast:  11% at ShopAtHome, 10% at Ebates

From You Flowers:  16% at Extrabux, 12% at Ebates and FatWallet and MrRebates and ShopAtHome and Upromise

FTD:  20% at Ebates and ShopAtHome, 15% at MrRebates and Upromise, (8% or less elsewhere)

GiftBaskets.com:  10% at Upromise, 7% at MrRebates, 6% at Ebates

Kabloom:  8% at MrRebates, 7% at QuickRewards.net, 6% at ShopAtHome

Organic Bouquet:
  10% at Extrabux, 9% at Ebates, 8% at ShopAtHome (7% or less elsewhere)

Overstock (yes, they sell flowers, plants, and food gifts):  4.5% at ShopAtHome, 4% at Extrabux, 3% at Ebates and FatWallet and Upromise

Proflowers:  16% cashback at Ebates and ShopAtHome, 12% at MrRebates and Upromise, (10% or less elsewhere)

Teleflora (coupons available at all programs include 20% off, free delivery on $100+):  20% cashback at Ebates and FatWallet, 16% at Extrabux, MrRebates and  ShopAtHome (12% or less elsewhere)

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Janet February 14, 2012 at 10:08 pm

What about TopCashBack.com?
I took a look there and, although TopCashBack.com does not currently offer shopping incentives at 1800Baskets, 1800Flowers, Florist.com, From You Flowers, Overstock, or Teleflora, they do offer cash back incentives regarding the other florists listed and with higher rates.

1800Florals: 20% at TopCashBack.com

Flowers Fast: 20% at TopCashBack.com

FTD: 20.1% at TopCashBack.com

GiftBaskets.com: 12% at TopCashBack.com

Kabloom: 12% at TopCashBack.com

Organic Bouquet: 12% at TopCashBack.com

Proflowers: 21% at TopCashBack.com

I realize Valentine’s Day is just about over at this point, however, I only had the opportunity to read this post a short while ago and thought the TopCashBack.com rates were still worth mentioning.



Becky February 15, 2012 at 10:47 am

Thank you for the comment, Janet! TopCashBack is so new to the game that I forget they’re there. You’re correct, they do offer the above, higher rates, and they’re still valid as of today, so if you’re up a creek because you forgot to send someone flowers for Vday, or if you have an upcoming birthday, wedding, or funeral, please keep TopCashBack in mind. Here’s my link to join and support CompareRewards:


Thanks again for the heads-up, Janet!


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