Who Rewards for Amazon Purchases?

January 22, 2008 · 0 comments

You see this question in the deal forums pretty often — does anybody reward for shopping at Amazon? The answer is, “Nope.” At least, not in the United States. Amazon’s affiliate agreement, which websites must agree to in order to receive commissions on purchases made through our links, explicitly prohibits websites from offering incentives or rewards for Amazon purchases.
If you can’t get cash back for Amazon purchases, why not make them through CompareRewards and help support the site? Thanks!

And as an added benefit to my fellow Amazon shopping fans, I’ve set up a newsletter through YahooGroups to help Amazon shoppers find good deals, as well as to share tips on where they can earn Amazon credit for free, or as a reward for various activities on the ‘net (like completing surveys, visiting websites, doing searches, and more).
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