Scrooged by Retailers — Rewards Programs Take Note

December 28, 2007 · 1 comment

Christmas 2007 is over [insert sigh of relief], and as always, I used rewards programs heavily when doing my shopping online. This year was unusual for me, though, because I had multiple bad experiences with retailers not delivering on time. I ordered a waffle iron for in-store pickup. The website said it was in stock and that they would email me when it was ready to pick up. That was 12/21. A week later, my order is still listed on the site as “processing.” Placed an order for several items listed as being in stock. I beat their stated deadline for Christmas delivery by 4.5 hours. Most of the order arrived yesterday (the 27th). I got an email today that the remaining item had been out of stock (despite what the website said) but was being shipped today.
Smack Shopping Purchase through Purchased a Rock ‘n’ Fold Gaming Chair from an unknown vendor through on 11/23. Still haven’t received it.
USPS: Shipped a package from Louisiana to Alabama, a distance that can be driven easily in a day. Took six mailing days.
On the other hand, I have high praise for I placed an order on Friday morning and received it (shipped free) on Monday afternoon. The shoes were cheaper than I could’ve bought them anywhere locally and they didn’t charge sales tax.
Rewards programs, you have more clout than we individual consumers do to put pressure on retailers. Survey your members and find out which retailers didn’t live up to their promises, and go after those retailers to improve their processes and offer some sort of “apology discount” on a future purchase. It does a rewards program no good to associate itself with retailers that disappoint their customers.
Meanwhile, I nominate Zappos to take over the US Postal Service. They know how to get things done right, cheap, and FAST!

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mary December 29, 2007 at 7:36 am

having shopped at zappos on line beifre they are a great site. very good on the delivery. i would also recomment for the same thing.


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