QuickRewards.net Starts Coupon Blog

October 23, 2007 · 0 comments

This week, QuickRewards started their own coupon and sale blog to better help their members locate deals and discounts they can combine with their QuickRewards rebates. The coupon blog is located here: http://quickrewardscoupons.blogspot.com/
As you probably know, there are many coupon codes available on the internet for specific merchants, but what you may not realize is that sometimes these codes will nullify the cashback you can earn from rewards programs because they were created for a coupon or deal website and using it will send the commission on your purchase to them, and not to your rewards program. My advice has always been to either use only those coupon codes that are provided by your rewards program, or if you find one on a coupon site, to ask the rewards program BEFORE making your purchase if you can combine that code with their rebate.
I love it when the rewards programs themselves provide the coupon codes, because you’re guaranteed to get credit for both — the coupon and the cash back. QuickRewards’ coupon blog is interactive, too, allowing members to post codes that QR will review and okay, or allowing members to request codes.
Kinda neat…worth checking out. Join QuickRewards here if you’re not already a member!

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