Upromise Starts Community Forum

October 19, 2007

Jumping on the social networking bandwagon, Upromise has started its own Upromise Community — “to help members connect with each other.” It appears this section of the site was started in September, but an email introducing it to members only went out this week. Rather than connecting members, the posts I read this morning all seem to be in the nature of support requests — “I don’t understand this, I’m not getting credited for that.” Further, the post layout is confusing to me and I’ve been involved in message boards since the dial-up BBS days in 1986.
I think it’s great that Upromise is trying something new, but in this case I don’t see that the forum is fulfilling any unmet member need — unless that need is for more information on how the program works, which it seems to me would be better served by improving the FAQ or by having members submit questions which would then be answered in a section of a newsletter emailed to everyone.
Rather than connecting existing members via a forum, I think Upromise would do better to reward its evangelists — its intense users and loyal fans — for reaching out to other social networking sites and spreading the word about the benefits of the program. Give members an incentive to tell their friends, like Ebates and MyPoints do.
Click to visit the Upromise Community, or join Upromise if you’re not a member.

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