Freeride’s Coming Back?

January 27, 2003 · 1 comment

Their website says they’re “getting on the road again” and details will be coming soon via email. How many times do those folks think they can shut their program down and people will just come flocking back? I still have the bitter taste in my mouth from the last time. Will keep an eye on this for those of you with more tolerance/forgiveness/patience than myself, but I’m not hopping on that bus again.

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Jacqui January 30, 2003 at 1:51 pm

For one thing Freeride is now owned by Endai Worldwide. From what I was told when I called Endai is that some Freeride people were working with them thru the transition. I also noticed that Endai seems to have bought the domain thru Tucows. Therefore, I am not expecting Freeride to be the same (good or bad) as in the past. I can assume that when Endai tookover the Freeride domain, they had no idea of the disappointment, disgust, and the feeling of being shafted felt by the members towards the freeride ownership. Only time will tell.


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