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iBakeSale Review
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Date Launched: June, 2007
Reward Per Dollar Spent: Varies
Minimum to Cash Out: No minimum; cash out at any time
Cash Out For: Rebate check or credit card credit
Earn For: Shopping (straight rebate site)
Limit One Account Per: U.S. resident 18 years+. Multiple accounts per household allowed.
1. iBakeSale allows members — if they wish — to donate a portion, or all, of their earnings to one or more charities or other fundraising groups or projects. It’s not necessary for the fundraising group or project to be a tax-exempt charity; if you want to help your school band raise money for a field trip, or help a local cancer patient raise money for their treatment, any cause can be added to receive a portion of your online earnings.
2. If a member chooses to support more than one organization with his donations, the percentage of his earnings he chooses to donate will be split evenly among the groups. The member, of course, can choose to not donate anything.
3. iBakeSale offers a unique form of payment for individuals — a credit to your credit card account. You do not have to provide your credit card number until you’re ready to cash out. Tax-exempt organizations will be paid by check.
4. Plans are in the works to allow membership outside of the U.S. A reminder toolbar is also forthcoming.
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