BigDevil No Longer Powered by Google

October 9, 2007 · 0 comments

Update, 10/9: Google’s web search is back on BigDevil. Whew, that was close! But the following advice is just as wise…
Yesterday I needed a search engine to research something so I went to BigDevil, one of the search-and-win sites (if you’re not a member, please join here) and something peculiar happened: the results page said that my search was invalid because I used automated search software. Strange, I thought. I’m not doing anything wrong, what’s up with that?
Today when I went to BigDevil, I found that they are no longer “powered by Google.” Regular search listings aren’t available but you can still search video, images, news, etc. Prizes are still being offered as usual, and I notice Google Ads are still on the sidebars. Why was BigDevil singled out to be booted from Google’s search network while other sites like LuckySearch remain?
Did some digging and think I found the answer. There are a couple of sites set up exclusively for sharing cheats and exploits on various search-and-win websites — I do NOT advocate this so I’m not sharing the links — and several days ago they posted a method for automating searches. BigDevil caught it, patched the exploit, and banned the users, but apparently not fast enough for Google’s liking.
Don’t try to rip off rewards programs, people…this is what happens. Play by the rules so we can all have a fair shot at winning something, or do something stupid and jeopardize the entire future of the program.

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