Great Offer Through QuickRewards On Custom T-Shirt

September 26, 2007 · 0 comments

This is a really cool offer I found on — Log in, click on Signups, then (down on the page a little) Super Shopping Deals. Go to page 2, then #3 Vista Print T-Shirt.
VistaPrint has a selection of customizable T-shirts FREE…you just pay shipping ($4.41 for the cheapest shipping method). You have to choose a white color tee with no printing on the back. But still, there are some really neat designs. These would make neat gifts, or if you have a website, it’s a really cheap way to advertise your site while you’re out and about.
PLUS, QuickRewards gives you $5 cash back for your purchase! So you’ll end up 49c ahead!
If you’re not a member of QuickRewards, please join here!
This offer’s only good for new VistaPrint customers (read: clear cookies and use a new email address). :)

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