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September 24, 2007 · 1 comment Review
Please click here to join!
Who is Eligible:
Currently U.S. residents only, but they hope to have it open to Canada and UK by the end of September.
How It Works:
Make searches through the website for sweepstakes entries plus chances at instant-win prizes. Instant win prizes include $5 Amazon GCs and $25 Dining Gift Cards. You may also instantly win additional sweepstakes entries (plus to the ones you get just for doing a search). August’s sweepstakes had five prizes: a $500 cash card, an Xbox 360, a 1GB iPod Shuffle, and two $25 Dining Gift Cards.
You will earn one point (one sweepstakes entry) for every search you make, up to 20 a day. Confirm your email address and they’ll let you earn 30 points a day. (They’ll increase your points per search to two and/or increase your maximum number of daily searches If you make BigDevil your home page or download their toolbar.) Earn 200 points by referring a friend. As mentioned above, you can win points instantly while searching. Also, you can wager points in an arcade. Note: program terms say that you are not allowed to continually search the same word, so do please make legitimate searches.
And, if you refer someone and they win, you win, too!
How Often Do People Win?
The site chooses random times to offer prizes — if you’re the person searching at that time or the first person after that time, you’ll win a prize. It looks like someone wins about once an hour (less frequently at night). Tip: if you see it’s been about an hour since the last winner, that’s a good time to get your searches in! They give out a daily minimum of 10 $5 Amazon GCs, 10 $25 Dining GCs, and one prize worth $50 (not sure what format it’s in, GC or cash), a monthly minimum of one $100, one $250, and one $500 prize, and quarterly at least one $1,000 and one $5,000 prize will be awarded to a lucky instant winner.
How Do I Join?
Just click here to join! And be sure to check your inbox for the confirmation email!
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jean drome October 22, 2007 at 6:33 am

Thanks for the info! I will surely check it out… Sounds interesting!


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