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September 18, 2007 · 0 comments

You may notice that CompareRewards looks a little…different today. That’s because the blog software that I use to publish the site was in dire need of an upgrade, and after hours of hard work and testing, the new site went live last night.
If you think it looks different on your end, you should see how different it is on mine!
The cosmetic look of the site is under development, and there seems to be a problem at the moment with “captchas” (required for posting a comment) not displaying. These are issues I’m still working on.
What you’ll find different: a search function that actually reliably works, a tag cloud that lets you see at a glance which rewards programs get the most mentions here on CompareRewards, and links on each entry for you to submit content to if you think it’s something that would be especially useful to folks who don’t routinely visit the site. Also, some dead programs were removed from the list of reviews and a few were added that somehow didn’t make it in when I initially reviewed them.
What’s coming up: more rewards program reviews, updates of existing reviews, and a revision of my annual shopping rebate comparison analysis. Tagging of posts has to be done manually and I’m doing it retroactively, so you’ll see the Tag Cloud change as I continue work on that. And I will be working to add more color to the menu and to the site in general.
Comments? Suggestions? Please send me an email. I love hearing from you, and though I’m sure I can’t make everybody happy, I’ll darned well try. :)

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