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August 28, 2007 · 0 comments

Update, 9/5: Congrats to tbase, Jellyfish member and super-nice guy, on his winning purchase of a new Toyota Prius during tonight’s Smack reverse auction! At 28.06% off, the car’s selling price (excluding tax) was $18,781!
Last week the details were released on’s promise to sell a car via Smack Shopping, its reverse auction.
Let me pause for a second to once again explain how the Smack reverse auction works: an item is put up for sale. Each second, the price drops….until someone commits to buy. When the auction is hosted by a member of Jellyfish’s staff, there typically are more than one of each item up for sale. On off-hours (and this has changed on occasion, recently), there will be just one. You don’t want to wait too long and miss out…but you do want to get a good deal.
Jellyfish promised its members that at some point, they would put a new car up for sale during its reverse auction. The company tied this into their referral program, so that only members who have earned 50 “Quest” points by the date of the auction will be eligible to buy the car. More on how to earn Quest points in a second.
Mark your calendar now: the car, a 2007 Toyota Prius hybrid, will be sold at reverse auction at 8pm central on September 5. The first person to commit to buy it by placing a non-refundable $1,000 charge on your credit card will be the winner. He’ll have 30 days to come up with the remaining cash or otherwise get financing. State sales tax and license/registration fees are extra, but Jellyfish WILL deliver the car to you for free. If for some reason the buyer is unable to come up with the financing, the car will be re-auctioned.
Now, back to Quest points. In order to have a chance to buy the car, you’ll need at least 50 Quest points by the time the event starts. You earn Quest points by referring friends with a special personalized link. When your friend joins Jellyfish with your link, voila! You get 10 points. If your friend shops through the site, you get 5 points for every dollar they spend (plus your friend gets the great cashback rebates Jellyfish members get every day!). The first time your friend makes a purchase through the Smack shopping (reverse auction) side of the site, you get 250 points. You can’t refer yourself or your cat, so get those evil thoughts out of your mind and start hitting up your neighbor, your babysitter, your granny, or any other REAL people that don’t live with you, have an email address (and preferably a credit or debit card), and are US residents aged 18 or older. Don’t spam your link or otherwise be obnoxious about it or else JF will disqualify you.
Even if you don’t have five friends (poor you! Now that’s just sad!), you can at least come by Jellyfish on September 5 at 8pm Central and watch some other lucky dog buy a cheap Toyota Prius! How low will it go? The chat room is bound to be very lively and it’ll be fun to watch even if you’re not able to try to buy it.
Here is MY Quest link if you’re thinking you’d like to join Jellyfish! It will sign you up for all the great benefits of JF membership including access to great shopping rebate rates and lots of games where you can win free money and prizes:

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