August 26, 2007

NetWinner Program Review — update, 4/19/09: Netwinner is down, hopefully for good!
As NetWinner is 6 months behind in member redemptions (as of 5/08), I do not recommend this program to anyone at this time. See the Related Articles below for more info.
Date Launched: October 2006
Reward Per Dollar Spent: No shopping reward
Minimum to Redeem: 100,000 points (for a $100 Ecount GC); less for contest entries
Prizes Offered: Ecount GCs, contest entries, other instant-win prizes
Earn Points For: Playing games, referrals
Limit One Account Per: US or Canada citizen or resident aged 18+ with a valid email address, one account per person (they check for cheaters and playing in multiple windows isn’t allowed)
Dollar Value of a Point: 1/10 of a cent
How to Play MoneyWheel: Either click Quick Pick or select 4 double-digit numbers and one single-digit number, then click Win! If the numbers you picked match those generated by the program at random, in the same placement and order, you win points. (It’s important that you validate your email address when you join otherwise your prizes may be forfeited.)
Nine different games will be played with each set of numbers that you choose. The prizes available range from $25 to the over $1 million progressive jackpot, points in the amount of 25 to 5,000, or one entry into a daily prize drawing (for one of two $250 prizes, or one of 10 $100 prizes). The odds of winning $25 is about 1 in 281,000. You can play MoneyWheel 100 times a day. Your odds of winning any points at all is one in 29. In other words, with 100 spins (approximately 50 minutes of game time) you can expect to win 25 points an average of 3 times, for 75 points a day (not including the occasional multiplier). To get enough to cash out for a $100 GC, the only sure cashout except for drawing entries, you’d have to play daily for 1,333 days (3 years and 9 months). This does not include the ten games of Banko you’re allowed to play daily.
The thing to remember is that you can cash those easier-to-win points into GCs. Plus, you can play over and over all day long if you want (you have to wait 20 seconds between games).
How to Play Banko: Press Play and wait for the computer to generate a pattern (matching this pattern will result in a win). The computer calls the balls and highlights them when it matches a space on your card. You win for a bingo, four corners, pattern, or banko (which I assume is a “blackout”). Every 5 calls the prize for the four ways to win changes. The most frequent win is for a drawing entry, next most frequent is 25 points. When you win you can either cash out, or keep playing and take a chance on losing what you won if you don’t win on another game before the calls stop. There’s no way of knowing when the calls will stop for that card (it will be between 30 and 70). The full rules for Banko are here. Many people report winning more on 10 daily plays of Banko than on 100 of MoneyWheel.
This site is optimized for broadband. If you’re a dial-up user, you’ll probably want to pass on this site.
Note: Because of problems related with NetWinner’s ability to pay members in a timely manner, I do not recommend this site to anyone as of this time (5/08).
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