Recent Earnings From Rewards Programs

July 20, 2007 · 1 comment

It might help folks new to rewards programs to know which programs the veterans are doing and how well they pay — to give you an idea of which sites to focus on. These are the sites that have paid me recently. In the last 30 days, I’ve cashed out for (and received) $120 in Amazon GCs from QR. How’d I do it? Cashback for purchases, playing trivia and Guess My Number daily, clicking to visit websites, reading emails, and completing free offers on the website (providing an email address where I don’t mind receiving spam). I received my GCs within 48 hours (usually less) of cashing out each time — 6 different cashouts this month. QR is awesome…you can choose PayPal instead and cash out as often as you want with NO minimum required to request your earnings! Have earned $103.45 since 6/1. How’d I do it? Cashback, playing games (Smack Wheel…no wins on Outwit yet), and through referral purchases. Can’t say enough good things about JF — great cashback, love the Smack Shopping reverse auction, and fun member chat. They’ll be selling a car on their reverse auction very soon, too! These folks pay quarterly by check. I earned $109 this past quarter, between cashback and referrals. They have great rebate rates. Just avoid installing their Moe Money Maker rebate reminder program because it can interfere with your receiving cashback from other rebate sites. Earned and received a $20 Borders GC this month. How? They had a promotion going on where you would earn the GC by referring 5 friends to the site. You can also earn points (redeemable for cash or prizes) just by posting messages. Wish I had more hours in the day! In the last month, I cashed out for (and received) a $5 Amazon GC. How’d I do it? Clicking on email offers (also using a spam email address, a different one from QR’s) and playing trivia on the site. Received the GC the day after requesting it. I don’t put enough time into this program or I could be earning a lot more. Earned and received a $5 Amazon GC from Winzy this month, thanks to a referral winning $5 — you win when your referrals win! You can win just by doing searches on their site. I tend to forget about this one, too, so it’s nice to get an email saying a friend won me a prize!
There are other great programs out there, and I do them as well, but these have been good earners for me this past month and I thought they were worthy of a mention here. If I can recommend programs to you based on what you do online (shopping a lot at a particular store, NOT spending money online but still wanting to earn, liking to do those “free trial” offers, etc.) please send me an email and I’ll get you pointed in the right direction!

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Thanks for the lengthy info. I did sign up for


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