BountyZoo Sending Members to Jellyfish

July 16, 2007 · 0 comments

Visitors to this weekend were in for a surprise — the “page not found” error was gone and instead, members were immediately forwarded to…without any kind of explanation, “we’re sorry for bailing on you,” “screw you, we’re keeping your money,” or anything.
I have a private message in at Jellyfish to one of JF’s founders for clarification. Did Jellyfish “buy” BountyZoo’s membership, or their domain (not according to WHOIS info, which still has them owned by someone in New Zealand)? Does JF have any intention of honoring BountyZoo’s past debts? And — I think this is the big question — why would Jellyfish, a year-old company with an impeccable reputation, want to be associated with a company like BountyZoo, which has been plagued with complaints for months?
Thanks to Andrew of for the heads-up, and I’ll update this as more information becomes available.
Update, 1:45pm:
When asked about this in chat today, SmackDaddy (the Jellyfish chat administrator) said that, “Smack Daddy and Jellyfish have nothing to do with BountyZoo…Smack Daddy heard that they are linking to us and JF has no relationship with them whatsoever.”
Update, 7/19: is no longer forwarding to Jellyfish but is now going to a search engine results page. Pretty safe to say the program is permanently shut down.

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