SixQuestions Still Down; Owner Accused of Spamming

July 5, 2007 · 0 comments

Like many of you, I wasn’t too shocked that the rewards program disappeared some time around early March — they hadn’t been paying out members’ earnings, and for a year or more the site just seemed to be on autopilot. There has been a “We are currently upgrading our system. Please try again later” page holder in place since March. But is SixQuestions’ owner, David Hanley, really hard at work on his site?
If posts made by many people on this website are any indication, Hanley’s been hard at work, all right…just not on HUNDREDS of people are complaining that Hanley has been spamming them through information obtained from their registrations on and Turns out he has at least two other companies, and Hanley Roe LLC, that supposedly specialize in staffing and placement services. The first site’s categories are a straight ripoff of Craig’s Lists’ and is chock-full of Google Ads — very unprofessional. The second site has nothing but contact info (the copyright notice on it is from ’05).
Once he has your email address, he emails you back with the link to a form to fill out with more of your personal info. What he does with this is a little unclear — some say they are sent to, one person said her PayPal account was immediately hacked, some theorize he’s just trying to get hits to his Google AdSense ads on his ste. If you click through to view “their” available jobs, you’ll be sent to, a site that pays website publishers to bring in traffic.
Meanwhile,’s contact phone number is a voice mailbox, and his office address is some sort of business complex that doesn’t have him listed as a tenant.
Tabatha’s been doing an outstanding job of investigating this, starting in late February. Major kudos to her for documenting this scam and disseminating the information so fewer people get suckered. Remember, folks, information is currency on the internet. You provide it, they can sell it.
An amusing aside — Dave’s MySpace page. He made his page private on 7/3, but luckily Tabitha got a screen shot. :)
Dave did renew his domain, but he hasn’t gone to the trouble of taking down the “this page has been hacked” graphic that was apparently posted on 2/19 (right about the time was hacked and eventually taken down). Maybe getting hacked turn him over to the Dark Side of the Force, hehe. Who knows?

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