Jellyfish Eliminates Cashback on Smack Purchases; Makes Savings Instant

June 29, 2007 · 0 comments

Yesterday, announced that on all purchases made through its Smack Shopping reverse auction, savings would be immediate — in other words, the final price is what you pay.
Before this change, Smack purchasers would pay full price for the item and wait up to 60 days for their cashback to be available for withdrawal from their Jellyfish account by check. (This old system will remain in place for items purchased from the regular Jellyfish shopping area of the site. The changes only impact Smack Shopping purchases.)
Because the best deals to be had on Jellyfish are on the Smack Shopping side of the site, this is a tremendous benefit for shoppers. They will no longer have to float the difference between the product’s starting price and its final price for two months.
In addition, all prices on Smack Shopping now have shipping and tax rolled in. That makes it possible for an item’s price to truly fall to 0 (before, shipping was separate and even if an item went to 100% off, shipping would be added in by many merchants).
Last of all, during hosted shows — when prices drop faster than during the non-hosted shows — quantities of each product auctioned are being slightly increased, so that more people can take advantage of the deals. Shows are hosted at noon central time on weekdays, 8pm on Wednesdays, and other special dates and times.
Jellyfish celebrated its first birthday (or anniversary, if you prefer) on Tuesday, and as someone who’s been there since day 2, I can tell you that this program started off great and has somehow managed to get even better. With fun games between each item (Outwit, where a random player has a chance to win a progressive cash jackpot; and Guru Guessing, where the person who guesses closest to the best cash-off % can spin the Smack Wheel for cash and prizes), “Smack Talk” chat among game players, member wish lists, AND everyday great rebate rates, I’m more enthusiastic about Jellyfish than any other rewards program I’ve reviewed in my six years of operation here at
Join and see what the buzz is all about!

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