Disney Rewards and Disney Rebates

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If you’re a Disney fan, you are missing out if you’re not using online rewards / rebate programs. It’s as simple as that.
Not only could you be earning rebates on your purchases at DisneyShopping.com, you could also be earning Disney gift cards or Disney Dollars that you can use on your next visit to the park.
I posted this yesterday on Disboards.com (a great resource for info on all things Disney) and felt it might get a larger audience if I re-posted it here. Hope it helps someone!
QuickRewards.net pays 4.3% for Disney purchases. You can cash out for PayPal any time, as often as you like, with no minimum required in your account. If you decide to cash out for Disney Dollars, you can cash out for as little as $1 DD at a time…but for any non-emailable GC you’ll have to pay a little extra (50c) for shipping. If you go to the mall pretty often, you might just want to take the PayPal and buy the DD yourself — no fees or tax at The Disney Store (which you probably already knew, hehe).
SunshineRewards offers 4% cashback on Disney. Redemptions start at $10, or $20 for Disney Dollars and $25 for Disney GCs. 25c is added for shipping on non-emailable GCs.
Sometimes both QR and SR offer special cashout rates for Disney giving you slightly bigger bang for your buck (usually around $1 on a $20 or $25 cashout).
Ebates offers 4% cashback on Disney ($5 min. to cash out, paid by check quarterly, plus $5 bonus to join).
MrRebates offers 4% cashback, but there’s a $25 minimum to cash out. (They pay monthly by check.)
BondRewards offers 4.25% but the only reward they offer is that of $50 savings bonds. All of the rates on their site have to be halved because a $50 savings bond only costs $25, so while the site says they pay 8.5, it’s just half that in current value.
CreationsRewards.net pays 7.6 points per dollar, worth about 3.8%, on Disney purchases. 1100 points will buy you $5 in Disney Dollars or 2100 for $10. (Basically it’s 1000 per $5, but with 100 extra points to ship it.) You may just prefer to cash out for PayPal to avoid paying shipping ($5 in PayPal = 1,000 points).
uPromise offers 3% cashback (no min. to cash out but you must request it in writing and can only do so once a quarter…or you can direct your earnings toward a 529 college savings plan or toward your student loan balance).
LittleGrad offers 3% cashback. This also goes toward a 529 plan, but I think there’s an option to withdraw it to your checking or savings account. Beware of the Savings Manager program they try to install on your computer; it may interfere if you try to shop through a different rewards program.
ClubMom offers 5 points per dollar, worth 2.5%. Rewards start at 1,000 points (for a $5 GC) but no GCs are available for Disney. They do have something you might find useful, though — you can earn by buying GCs to 50 or so different retailers, including some in the Orlando area, like Bahama Breeze. The amount varies — it’s up to 15 points per dollar (or 7.5%). Usually you can’t earn rewards on the purchase of gift cards, so this is pretty cool.
At Greenpoints you can earn 20 points per dollar, worth around 2.4%. Merchandise prizes start at 1900 points; GCs start at 3,500 (for a Blockbuster movie rental GC). They don’t offer Disney GCs as a reward but there are other options that might be useful (gas cards, frequent flier miles, Avis, Marriott, and SuperCertificates).
Freeride pays 25 miles per dollar for Disney purchases, which works out to around 2.3%. No Disney redemptions available but there are some restaurants like Bahama Breeze (13,000 miles for $10) and they also offer Virtual Visas, which you can use to buy anything online where Visa is accepted (12,500 miles for $10). Sometimes Freeride has a LOT of free (non-spending) points available.
Milesource pays 7 miles per dollar, equal to about 2%. No Disney redemptions are available but you can cash out for SuperCertificates (starting at 2,500 miles for $5). You can earn somewhere around 30 miles a day for free by visiting websites and answering trivia.
MyPoints pays 2 points per dollar for Disney purchases, pretty low at about 1.7%. They don’t offer Disney redemptions but 750 points will get you a $5 GC to some other places. There are a lot of GCs you may be able to use on your trip to Disney like Marriott cheques, Shell GCs, etc. They have a fair number of free, non-spending points available, too (5 points to read each email they send, sometimes 10 a week, plus occasional surveys and signups).

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