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January 23, 2003

Hi, all! First, I wanted to take a sec to say thanks to those of y’all who’ve let me refer you to BabyMint or to any other rewards program. I’m an RP’er just like you, not some big business, and those referrals help to keep this site going! Thanks!
Now having said that… a plea for help! I’m not given credit for your BabyMint referral until you make a purchase. I found some things at, a BabyMint participating merchant, for $1.00 shipped. If you see something on this list that you might be able to use (the Easter Bunny always sticks some small toy or book in my kids’ baskets!), please consider making that purchase through BabyMint. You’ll earn 1% back, get a cool $1.00 gift, and I’ll get referral credit to help fund the site.
Thanks in advance! Now here’s a list of what I found for $1.00 shipped at
Valentine Sticker Book
Fun With Valentine Stencils
Humorous Valentine Motifs Stickers
Valentine Message Stickers
Invisible Valentines Magic Picture Book
Peter Cottontail Stained Glass Coloring Book (search for stained glass coloring book and sort by price for 19 $1 books!)
Peter Cottontail Sticker Paper Doll
Peter Cottontail Full-Color Sturdy Book (search for cottontail and sort by price for 10 $1 books!)
The Little Tale of Benjamin Bunny Coloring Book
Bunny Rabbit Sticker Paper Doll (search for Sticker Paper Doll for 4 others)
Baby Bunny Sticker Paper Doll
Bunny Rabbit Birthday Stickers
Bunny Rabbit Christmas Stickers
Little Bunny Rabbit Stickers
Old Time Easter Animal Stickers
Easter Activity Book
Create Your Own Easter Sticker Cards
Easter Fun
Easter Ornaments Stained Glass
Invisible Easter Magic Picture Book
Create Your Own Old-Time Easter Cards
Easter Tattoos with Tattoos
Rainy Day Fun
The Little French ABC Coloring Book
The Little German ABC Coloring Book
The Little Mother Goose Coloring Book
Little Numbers Coloring Book
Nursery Rhymes Coloring Book
Counting-Out Rhymes Coloring Book
Little Tropical Fish Coloring Book
Little Tale of Squirrel Nutkin Coloring Book
Football Stickers
The Wind in the Willows
The Story of Hercules
Alice in Wonderland
Sports Hidden Pictures
I’m sure there’s a lot more $1.00 stuff at, too!
If you see something you like and you’re not a member of BabyMint, please let me refer you! You get $5 just for signing up!
Thanks, y’all!

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