QuickRewards Request: One Click At a Time

May 30, 2007 · 0 comments

Passing along a note posted on the QuickRewards blog yesterday:
“Very Important Information Regarding Clicks
Today our site was down again for a few hours (this happened 3 times in the past week). We finally figured out what is causing it. A lot of members are opening clicks in 20 different windows(one per click). This has a huge effect on the server and that is why it keeps crashing when a lot of members do that at once.
We will be redesigning the system not to allow it. Until then please stick to one window at a time. I don’t know why you even need to open multiple windows if none of our clicks have timers. If members will keep abusing this system we will have to go back to timed clicks like most other rewards programs have.
Please feel free to pass this message to others. We want to make sure that everyone knows about this.”
Remember, the QuickRewards shopping promotion ends tomorrow!

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