Freestyle Rewards Closes; CreationsRewards Gets Their Membership

May 8, 2007 · 0 comments

In a not-so-surprising move yesterday, Freestyle Rewards (the rewards program owned/operated by Q Interactive, who also owns CoolSavings) announced they were closing down effective immediately. I had reported back in October (scan down to Lowest Shopping Rebates, under FreestyleRewards) that I had questions about the program’s future because they had decided to eliminate their affiliate program (never a good sign). But in a move that did surprise me, FSR announced they were transferring all their members’ accounts over to! Yay, Chris! When I asked Chris for a public response to this big announcement, here’s what he said:
“I am pleased to extend FreeStyle Rewards members a warm welcome to CreationsRewards. FreeStyle Rewards members have had their account information transferred over to CreationsRewards where they can begin earning points immediately. I will be sending out an Email to all members within 24 hours to introduce them to CreationsRewards and enable them to login. If any FreeStyle Rewards members had accumulated 2,500 points at FreeStyle, they must visit to redeem them since we will not be transferring the point information. I look forward to enhancing CreationsRewards even more in the coming months, with a new site redesign underway to improve the CreationsRewards experience. CreationsRewards is here to stay, and it is only going to get better as CreationsRewards continues to grow.”
Huge congrats to Chris and his staff at CreationsRewards!

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