Call to Boycott DisneyAwards

January 16, 2003 · 1 comment

Those of you who are diehard fans of the DisneyAwards program will probably already know this…but the operator of this self-described one person endeavor, as a result of some serious personal problems, has had difficulty in maintaining the site including no/late redemptions. As a result, infuriated members have called for a DisneyAwards boycott on

Now I want to point out…there are no accusations flying that DisneyAwards is a scam or some sort of intentional con. I think the operator had very good intentions when establishing her site. However, until/unless DA is able to address its numerous customer service and technical issues, it’s my advice that you avoid investing further time and energies on DisneyAwards.

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Denise July 28, 2005 at 8:51 am

Wow, just read this and I remember Kris and all her excuses. She even called me one night at home and blasted me for signing up for too many offers all in one day. Wonder what she ended up doing with all the money she earned from us?


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