OTXsx Changes Names to SurveyExchange.com

April 28, 2007 · 3 comments

I read on a message forum today that some members of the OTXsx survey site have received an email from OTXsx saying that they have changed their name to SurveyExchange, and that they’ve switched to a different platform in order to better target surveys (to reduce the number of “sorry, you didn’t qualify” responses).
Click “Continue Reading” to read the full email. I haven’t personally received it yet. The note suggests adding emma@surveyexchange.com to your address book to ensure that you’ll receive their email.
You may also want to bookmark their blog, to keep up with the latest.
They’ve put $5 rewards back, for 4500 points, or you can cash out for $10 rewards for 8000 points. Be sure to click on “My personal information” and answer all of the new profile questions in order to better qualify for surveys. And (an important one) be sure to max out the value in the very last field on the page, “How often would you like to receive surveys.”

Our email has changed. Add emma@surveyexchange.com to your contacts list or address book.
Your login: xxxxxx
Your password: xxxxxx
Dear member,
The entire OTX team and myself would like to thank you for being an active participant of the Survey Exchange program.
We launched the site OTX Survey Exchange almost three years ago, and since, you have given your opinion in more than 3,000 different surveys. Your opinion has helped shape new products, new movies and new services now present around the world.
In the past few days, you may have noticed our gradual migration to a new platform which, we hope, will help provide you with a better experience. In a few words, here is what we are trying to accomplish with this migration:
more surveys available for you: we know that it is frustrating to be invited to take a survey and not be able to take it because your profile does not qualify, or the quotas for your profile are already closed. We hope that our new platform will allow us to better target the right participants we need for each survey so that your chances to qualify increase. We cannot promise that you will qualify every time you are invited, but we promise to do our best.
more choice for rewards: we have strengthened our partnership with Hallmark RewardChoice to make sure that you can choose your favorite gift card among more than 350 popular stores. Under our new agreement with our partner, RewardChoice gift cards will all be in store at any time, so you don’t have to worry any more about being able to redeem your points or not.
and more rewards: we have also decreased the minimum number of points necessary to redeem your rewards. We now offer a $5 RewardChoice certificate redeemable for 4,500 points, in addition to the $10 RewardChoice certificate, still redeemable for 8,000 points.
better communication: in order to better communicate changes, we have created a blog that we will update every time we have something to announce. Please take a minute to check and read for any current updates. As our new platform will be slightly different from the older one, we have started to post updates about the differences to help you get used to the changes.
As part of the transition, we have renamed the site and URL to make it easier for you to find us. You told us that OTXSX was too complicated to remember, and you were right, so our site is now just called “Survey Exchange”.
Check out the new Survey Exchange
We are doing our best to complete the migration as quickly as possible, but some of you may experience some issues trying to login or redeem your points. If you experience any issue, please be patient and bare with us as we are fine-tuning the new system.
Note that your login and password remain unchanged. The number of points in your account and the value of points in the system remain also unchanged.
We hope that you will like our new platform and continue to give us your opinion in the future.

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marsha ormes November 2, 2007 at 2:07 pm

yes i cashed out back in july for 8000 points and still haven’t received my incentive where is it?


Adrienne HoodI November 23, 2007 at 9:32 am

I have a new email address and new username. How do I change my info?


Shirley Benefield March 24, 2008 at 5:44 pm

you poeple are evidently prejudiced against 66 yr old females in the caucasian race. I belong to a whole lot of survey groups, & everytime a survey comes up for OTX, I never qualify, or i don’t live in the right area or some other nonsense. It is clear that you are prejudiced.


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