Two Websites Are Down, Possibly Permanently

March 23, 2007 · 0 comments and have both been down for several weeks.
WinAtlanta appears to be an intentional site closure — the site’s domain name expired on March 2. Now this DID happen last year also, but by the 10th of March they had re-registered the URL and the site was live again. Also, last year their other site, BigWinCity (which was basically a mirror site), was still live and WA members could access their accounts there. But this time, while BigWinCity is live (the domain doesn’t expire until May), it’s requesting a member authentication login and password and won’t allow anyone in.
The story with SixQuestions is a little different. When you visit the site, you’re greeted with an error message. The owners have another site,, and it’s giving the same error message. Is it something they’re working on, or have they just abandoned the sites? The SixQuestions URL is registered through 2009; expires in June of this year.
My guess: WinAtlanta’s down for the count (did they ever send prizes out, anyway?). I give SixQuestions 50/50 chances of returning, possibly in a new format.
If you have any inside information on either of the two sites, please email me.

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