Jellyfish Wednesday Primetime Smack Tonight!

March 14, 2007 · 0 comments

Can’t get to the Jellyfish Smack of the Day during the day because of work or other obligations? Tune in tonight for a Wednesday Primetime Smack which will get cranked off at 8pm Central time. It looks like the first item up for reverse auction (the cashback increases over time, which decreases your final cost) will be the Apple iPod 80GB! This item sold out at 24.5% cashback on 3/6, 30.2% cashback on 3/5, and 29.6% cashback on 2/21. Remember, if they have more than one to sell (quantities are always unknown until the auction ends), sales may have taken place at lower cashback amounts; these are the best deals someone got on this item.
Other items will be up for sale, too! And remember, after each auction, the member who guessed closest to the best cashback percentage, without going over, gets a spin on the Smack Wheel with a chance to win free cash and prizes!
Not a Jellyfish member yet? Sign up here! (For more info on how the Jellyfish Smack works, read my post here.) If you see me in chat there (as CompareRewards), say, “Hi, Becky!” :)

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