OTXsx Ends Referral Program

March 14, 2007 · 0 comments

Well, this seems to be a recurring theme lately, doesn’t it? Yesterday, OTXsx, a survey program I’ve been with since its inception in February 2005, announced that they would be making some “exciting changes” to their program (yeah, that’s never good) which would include ending their referral program effective immediately.
In January, OTXsx surveys dropped in value from 2000 points to 1000 points. 8000 points remains the price for a $10 gift card, but $5 redemptions are no longer available.
Eight surveys for ten bucks still isn’t a BAD deal, but since some of these surveys can go on for 30 minutes or longer, it’s not nearly as attractive as it used to be.
Note, 4/07: OTXsx has changed its name to SurveyExchange.com.

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