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February 5, 2007 · 0 comments

Last week, BzzAgent released its new site and, as predicted, rewards have been cut back. Some campaigns do not offer points. Members are now ranked in some cryptic way based on the quantity AND the quality of their submissions and site interactions (including campaign reporting and polls). Higher ranking equals more opportunities for new campaigns, new freebies, etc.
Currently, my 900 points there are worth…nothing. There are no rewards available for any of the campaigns in which I’m enlisted. And despite 2.5 years of membership, probably a dozen quality bzzreports, and countless referrals, I’m listed as a bottom tier member.
This is a prime example of a few bad apples spoiling the barrel. Problems began to arise when members started trying to sell the items given to them to try out for their campaigns. Abuse of the system led us to this point.
The problem I’ve had is, if I am in a campaign and I don’t care for the product, I don’t talk it up…thus I can’t report on it. I’m not going to submit phony bzzreports in order to improve my tier ranking.
I’m not going to write off BzzAgent entirely — too much time invested in it — but my enthusiasm for the program has completely gone down the tubes.

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