New Features During Jellyfish Smack Deal of the Day

January 27, 2007 · 0 comments

During yesterday’s regularly scheduled Smack Deal of the Day on, members were treated to a sneak peek of the new features that will officially be unveiled on Tuesday’s Smack-a-Thon.
Members will be allowed to vote, from the end of the last daily deal until the next regularly scheduled Smack begins, on the item that will be reverse-auctioned first. The rest of the day’s auction items will be Jellyfish’s choice.
Also, the member who guesses the best percentage at which an item is sold, without going over, will be allowed a spin on a prize wheel to win items such as a Jellyfish hat or t-shirt, $5, $50, a Smack Pass (allowing the member to buy any item at the lowest price it was sold), or a Wii. There is also an option where Smack Daddy, the chat administrator, will be able to choose the prize.
The first run-through of the new features yesterday revealed a few glitches that Jellyfish’s tech guys are working hard to get fixed before Tuesday’s Smack-a-Thon. You want to be sure to be there at 1pm Eastern on Tuesday, because they will be selling one item after another for an unknown time — last time it went way into the evening.
More info on how the Smack Deal works is here. You definitely want to join before Tuesday — click here. And if you have any other questions about how Jellyfish or the Smack Deal works, please feel free to email me here!

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